Artist Statement

My main goal in painting is to form a two-fold communication – first, between me and the art and then with the art and the viewer. We are products of our environment, however, far from static, when we are attentive – to the earth, cultures, people - there is the ability to mold, change and grow. Hints surround us, waiting to be noticed and deciphered. As a life-long seeker, I am very interested in the communication arising from a slowing-down – dialogues with ourselves and with others as well as the natural world. 

Shaped by life’s sudden and unexpected events, I began looking for a form of creative expression which is truly authentic, deep and transportive. I wanted to communicate my view of the world in a way that is personal and universal. My truths if effectively expressed are also the truths of others. So, I began painting in 2015 and I continue to be informed and aware each day of not only techniques and processes but also deeper conversations with the soul.

My vision is informed by sights, sounds, conversations, poetry. Dualities. The nexus between the man-made and natural worlds. The beauty of decay apparent in crumbling structures. There is an in-between space which interests me greatly and that’s what I attempt to paint. By using layers of paints and gestural marks, I depict the unseen, what is felt.  There is an ambiguous history – one story on the surface and another underneath – with the hope that the viewer will find their own definitions of the work and their place in it. At that point, the communication comes full circle. 

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