Meet Diane

Following careers in corporate and non-profit management, Diane Sandlin began painting about 5 years ago as means of taking verbal communications into the realm of the visual. Long fascinated by storytelling, poetry and visual arts, she saw a way for all the elements to coincide through the use of shape, line, texture and color. Like the writer, musician or other artists, the work is strengthened by contrasts which are used intuitively—light and dark; raw and elegant; hard lines and organic shapes and layers upon layers of paint and mixed media materials. The build-up of the layers provides a history to be explored. For Diane, painting is totally absorbing and captivating. She keeps building layers on her work until the piece is ready to tell a story.  Then it’s completed.  The challenge of artistic expression draws her like a magnet into more and more experimentation in conveying ideas.

Through continual education in art and other studies, Diane is currently exploring themes of interconnections and barriers, particularly in cultural empowerment and inequalities. She finds that poetry reading and writing informs her art and vice versa. 


  • University of Texas at Austin, BA, 1975

  • Art Cloth Mastery Program with Jane Dunnewold, 2010–2012, Art Cloth Studios, San Antonio, TX

  • Art2Life Creative Visionary Path Program with Nicholas Wilton, 2017 and 2018

  • Continuing education through Art2Life Academy

  • Mentoring with Pamela Caughey, contemporary artist, Hamilton, MT, 2018

  • Mentoring with Cheryl Taves, The Artist Mindset program, Vancouver, Canada, 2019

  • Continuing education through Insight Creative with Cheryl Taves

  • Workshops with Lauren Mantecon, Santa Fe artist, 2017–2019

  • Mastery Deep Dive program with Lauren Mantecon, 2020–2021

  • Language of Color with Mark Eanes, 2020

  • Critical Discussion Group, Bill Porteous and Cheryl Taves, 2020

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