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Meet Diane

I believe that we live in a world where people are more alike than different and my truths are often the realities of other people. My hope is for the viewer to pause, observe, discover and be transported.


My work is about roots, rootedness and connections, one to the other. I explore just below the surface of consciousness, drawing from my own inner world and marrying it with outside influences. Some of these are personal, others, gleaned from our environment and culture. I am an observer, a scribe, a poet as I create art which lays the groundwork for stories to be told. Ordinary experiences such as the wind swaying tall grasses, the sheer magnitude of the night sky, graceful interactions between people captivate my imagination.

I started painting in 2015 as a means of expanding communication into a visual realm and discovered I was informed each day. Not only about techniques and processes, but also eliciting deeper conversations with my soul as the work reveals itself. I paint intuitively with minimal pre-intent. As subjects begin to emerge, I depict what is felt and unseen – such as the sensation of dusk, not just the way it looks but a visceral reaction to the experience. My work is informed by spaciousness, large skies of the U.S. Southwest where I reside and a can-do optimism steeped with individualism. Memories bubble forth, interjecting themselves as well as sights, sounds, conversations, poetry. Dualities. The nexus between the man-made and natural world is where I find beauty in the decay of crumbling structures or weathered detritus. Universal symbols such as circles and vessels appear frequently along with geometric anthropomorphic figures. These speak to history, a mystery and juxtapositions. 


There is an ambiguous history in my paintings – one story on the surface and another underneath. Words under the words. All there for the viewer to interpret their place in it. When art is not only seen but felt, the communication comes full circle.

Art-Related Education

  • University of Texas at Austin, BA, 1975

  • Art Cloth Mastery Program with Jane Dunnewold, 2010-2012, Art Cloth Studios, San Antonio, TX

  • Art2Life Creative Visionary Path Program with Nicholas Wilton, 2017 and 2018

  • Mentoring with Pamela Caughey, contemporary artist, Hamilton, MT, 2018

  • The Artist Mindset program with Cheryl Taves, Vancouver Island, BC, 2019

  • Continuing education through Insight Creative with Cheryl Taves, ongoing

  • Workshops with Lauren Mantecon, Santa Fe, 2017-2019

  • Mastery Deep Dive program with Lauren Mantecon, 2020-2021

  • Language of Color with Mark Eanes, 2020

  • Individual coaching with Cheryl Taves, ongoing

  • Critical Discussion Group, Bill Porteous and Cheryl Taves, 2020-2022